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Looking for a gift that helps both people and the planet?

Impact Carbon provides offsets that reduce climate impacts and serve social justice causes.

Impact Carbon provides offsets that reduce climate impacts and serve social justice causes.

Oroeco has you covered with a chance to help some of the poorest families in Africa while simultaneously helping your friends and family fight climate change!

Oroeco has partnered with Impact Carbon to offer matching gifts of carbon offsets that support clean cookstoves in East Africa. Traditionally, cookstoves use a significant amount of wood for fuel, creating localized environmental degradation and putting women and children in unhealthy and dangerous situations from smoke and wood gathering. Clean cookstove technology means less fuel, less smoke, less exposure to violence, more time for education and livelihoods, healthier families, and a healthier climate for all of us. To learn about what kind of impact these stoves can really have, read more here!

Here’s How to Give:

  1. Send an email to gifts@oroeco.com with the NAME and EMAIL address for each person you’d like give the gift of one month of FREE carbon offsets to support clean cookstoves. Make sure to include the name of the giver (that’s YOU!), along with any special instructions about when you’d like the gift to be emailed (like if you want it to arrive on a holiday or a birthday). We’ll even let you add your own name to the list to give this gift to yourself as our way of saying thanks!
  2. We will send all your gift recipients a personalized email with information and instructions about how to redeem their gift. They’ll need to create a FREE Oroeco account (if they don’t have one already), then go to oroeco.com/offset to subscribe to the clean cookstove offsets.
  3. If you’d like to further personalize your gifts, and increase the chances that all your gifts are received and used, you can download this gift certificate to print and/or email to your loved ones at your leisure.

Thanks for supporting Oroeco, Impact Carbon, and families throughout East Africa, and happy holidays to you and yours from Team Oroeco.

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