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A sneak peak at Oroeco's spiffy new Dashboard, which automatically tracks your personal climate impacts, compares you with your friends, and gives you personalized tips for saving carbon and money.

A sneak peak at Oroeco’s spiffy new Dashboard, which automatically tracks your personal climate impacts, compares you with your friends, gives customized tips for saving carbon and money, and rewards you and your friends for taking action.

Earth Day 2014 is upon us! We’re marking the auspicious occasion with the launch of Oroeco BETA, the world’s first service that automatically tracks your impacts on climate change, then rewards you and all your friends for taking actions that lead to a happier, healthier planet. The journey has really just begun. Oroeco’s team, advisors and intrepid beta testers have put in long hours to get us where we are now, but Oroeco is still only scratching the surface of the transformative tool for sustainability we think it can be. We’ll always remain a work-in-progress, as we hope to be adding a LOT more functionality and improving your user experience for many years to come.

Whether or not Oroeco puts a dent in climate change really depends on you. We’re only as powerful as the number of you using us, the amount you decide to take meaningful action, and the friends you encourage to do the same. So go ahead, sign up to take us for a spin; then invite all your friends. If you don’t have one already, you’ll also have to create a (free) Mint.com account to get started, and our About page and FAQ will fill in some details about how and why we’re doing what we’re doing. We’d also love to hear your feedback about what you like, what you don’t, and what we should add next to make Oroeco as awesome as can be!

And if you dig Oroeco BETA, stay-tuned for our first awesome mobile app, launching soon(ish)! OK, we’ll get off our self-promotional soapbox now…

We’ve been a bit delinquent about blogging while diving neck-deep into Oroeco’s web app, but we’ll be reentering the blogosphere soon. We’re planning to delve deep into the nitty gritty scientific details of personal sustainability, but we could use your ideas for what you’d like to see us research and write about. So tell us, what burning climate conundrums keep you up at night? Paper or plastic? Trains, planes or automobiles? Cow-fart collectors? We are at your blogging disposal!

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Grow a jungle for your desk monkeys.

As much as we try to avoid them, most of us end up in an office for a good chunk of the day. The web is full of tips for how to make your work as green as your play. Here are some of our favorite conglomerations of employee eco info from Sierra Club and Treehugger, ranging from office energy efficiency to sustainable supply purchasing.

Of course where you work probably matters the most of all, both literally and figuratively. Transportation is the largest chunk of most Americans’ carbon footprint, and much of that is linked to employment, so the closer you live to work (or public transit) the smaller your commute footprint. Living where you can walk, bike or carpool can also save you lots of carbon and cash, though we know it’s not always an option. Can’t find a commute buddy? Try RideSearch and Carma can hook you up with cool carpool kids, as well as info on how much you’ll save in the process. Convincing your boss to let you telecommute, conference call and teleconference is even better (and saves you valuable time needed to put on pants!).

UC Berkeley’s Cool Climate Network has some awesome widgets to help business calculate the money, energy and emissions they’ll save by implementing groovy green things like carpooling and by choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles. .

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