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It might sound crazy what I’m about to say, but here it is: November 2015 may be the most important and influential time to urge world leaders to take climate action. Why you may ask? In less than a month, COP21, the UN Climate Negotiation conference, is going down. On November 30th, world leaders will meet in Paris to discuss the future of our planet, the future for our kids and grandkids, and the future of our homes, cities, oceans and forests.

To help demand a positive change, build a powerful climate movement, and influence our world leaders, Oroeco has partnered with 24 Hours of Reality. Together, we are joining celebrities, musicians and world leaders, along with people all over to world to raise our collective voice and inspire people to create meaningful change.

This weekend (November 13-14), 24 Hours of Reality is hosting and live-streaming concerts, presentations, and watch parties all over the world to raise awareness about the Paris conference and climate change. There will be segments in Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Calgary, Sydney, Beijing and New Delhi featuring amazing speakers and artists like Pharrell Williams, Duran Duran, Elton John, Hozier and more.

Want to know how you can join in this global party and make a positive difference on the climate? It would sure make us and Pharrell “happy” if you joined Oroeco to take the climate pledge on 24 Hours of Reality, tune in to watch and be inspired by the live-streaming events around the world, and continue to spread the word about these events.

Now is the time for the world to come together and demand a meaningful agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This weekend, your actions can help to protect the planet, urge leaders to take action, and have humanity harmonize all at once.”

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We’re quite excited to announce that Oroeco will have a presence at two very cool events in March! First, Oroeco has been nominated in the category of Sustainable Tech for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive event in Austin, Texas on March 13-17. SXSW Interactive is one component of the larger SXSW events held throughout the month. Each event brings in tens of thousands of guests, and we are looking forward to introducing Oroeco to each one of them.


SXSW Interactive speakers are awarded prizes in multiple categories that prioritize creative innovation in the digital industry, focusing on advancements and developments taken place in 2014. Last year, Oroeco was invited to present at SXSW Eco Startup Showcase where Oroeco was a finalist in the Cleanweb category, which featured web and mobile apps that improve the environment.

Oroeco’s founder Ian Monroe has been invited to speak at TEDxHonolulu on March 28th. TEDx events highlight ideas worth spreading in communities across the world. Speakers have been invited from all over the country to speak for TEDxHonolulu’s Paradigm Shift theme.

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In both talks, Ian, who also lectures at Stanford University in the School of Earth Sciences, will focus on how information technology is accelerating clean technology adoption, and empowering us all create the world we want to live in through incentivized everyday decisions and social network collaboration. He’ll elaborate on how we now all have the power in our hands to mainstream our culture of sustainability and create virtuous cycles of positive change.

Oroeco’s paradigm shifting apps offer an interactive, game-like way for everyone to understand their personal impact on climate change, and compels them to take actions every day to reduce their impact, save money and become better climate citizens. We are so excited to share Oroeco with audiences across the country this coming month.

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